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Manual Tables

Manual tables are populated during experiments through a variety of interfaces. Not all manual information is entered by typing. Automated software can enter it directly into the database. What makes a manual table manual is that it does not perform any computations within the DataJoint pipeline.

The following code defines three manual tables Animal, Session, and Scan:

File +experiment/Animal.m

  # information about animal
  animal_id : int  # animal id assigned by the lab
  -> experiment.Species
  date_of_birth=null : date  # YYYY-MM-DD optional
  sex='' : enum('M', 'F', '')   # leave empty if unspecified
classdef Animal < dj.Manual

File +experiment/Session.m

  # Experiment Session
  -> experiment.Animal
  session  : smallint  # session number for the animal
  session_date : date  # YYYY-MM-DD
  -> experiment.User
  -> experiment.Anesthesia
  -> experiment.Rig
classdef Session < dj.Manual

File +experiment/Scan.m

  # Two-photon imaging scan
  -> experiment.Session
  scan : smallint  # scan number within the session
  -> experiment.Lens
  laser_wavelength : decimal(5,1)  # um
  laser_power      : decimal(4,1)  # mW
classdef Scan < dj.Manual
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